Driving Style 40: Italia

Clash Production, or Crank&Piston, whichever wants to take the credit, are at it again. They were featured here only last week with their stunning, although somewhat anticlimactic, 993 RS and 964 RS video. The Moby soundtrack was epic, but we were left waiting for the real action to begin. This time they've done it a bit different. It takes place in Dubai, and they've got a brand spanking new Ferrari 458 Italia to play with. With a great choice in soundtrack, creative transitions, and crisp clean video quality, this one's another one for the books. I'm not sure how they're doing it, who's doing, or with who's money they're doing it, but to whatever winning combination of the three they've got over at Cranks&Pistons, please do keep it up. Link to their channel here.