BMW's Streak of Sucess

BMW is on a current hot streak that's turning the automotive world upside down. And don't take it from me, take it from Jeremy Clarkson, Chris Harris, race victories, and year long waiting lists. Just this week there's been so much news surrounding BMW, I decided to list it all out in today's blog post.
  • Jeremy Clarkson announced that the BMW 1M has become his current all time favorite car. Actually it's not. In an article in a European magazine he said it was a toss-up between the new 1M and the current M3. I believe that that statement alone, by the best known car journalist in the world, can do more to BMW's reputation than any size a marketing campaign the Bavarians at BMW's head office throw at us. 
  • In another article this week, JC called out the 2012 BMW 5 Series Touring as the best looking car of all time. He says every BMW trademark from through it's history can be found somewhere on the BMW touring. It's especially the way in which the body seems to be stretched snug around the four wheels that makes it look so irresistibly sporty and aggressive, but still beautifully elegant and sleek.
  • During the M-Festival at the Nurburgring this past weekend, BMW launched the F10 M5 and the lightweight 4-door M3 dubbed the CTR for Carbon Racing Technology. An instant hit, with the CTR selling out that same night. 
  • In the dying moments of the 4 day long M-Festival, the #1 BMW M3 GT managed to finish in 2nd place at the end of 24 hours of racing. They weren't able to defend last year's 1st place finish, but it was a Porsche who won, with the Mercedes and Audi teams finishing in behind BMW. 
  • Chris Harris, the world famous independent motoring journalist,  put the Cayman R up against the 1M and picked the Bimmer as the clear winner of his (drift) test shootout. Again, no marketing budget in the world could have car fans running to the dealership quicker than Chris Harris' seal of approval. 
  • Earlier this week a rumor went out that the new F10 M5 lapped the Nurburgring in a time 18 seconds faster than it's predecessor. At 7 minutes and 55 seconds flat, it'll again be the world's fastest stock saloon. 
  • And to continue on their hotstreak of viral videos, entertainment, and competitions, BMW released this awe inspiring video of a 1M drifting on a helipad on top of the city's tallest building. (seen above)
  • And lastly, today the M package for the BMW 6 Series was released. A beauty of a car now shaped even closer to perfection with it's more articulated door sills and typical M front air intake. 

That's it for this week, but I'm sure while I was writing and linking this blog post the guys at Munich weren't sitting still. Oh and the BMW 1M is priced at around $50,000, there's a four month waiting list, and your local BMW dealer is closed on Sunday but open on Saturday.