SENNA, the film. + link

As a follow up on my July 20th article "Ayrton Senna: Another Piece of the Puzzle", here's a link to SENNA, the film that's now out in theaters. I HIGHLY recommend seeing it in theaters, not just for the big screen, but also for the subtitles which unfortunately aren't always included in the extended version linked below.

LINK:  Hit "Continue as free user", wait a few seconds, then click through, and hit the play button on the right hand side. Enjoy. And don't forget to go watch it in theaters when it reaches a theatre near you!

Here's what the film is about.
Spanning his decade-long career as a Formula One racer, SENNA explores the life and work of triple world champion Ayrton Senna, his physical and spiritual achievements on the track, his quest for perfection and the mythical status he has since attained. Far more than a film for F1 fans, SENNA unfolds a remarkable story in a remarkable manner, eschewing many standard documentary techniques in favor of a more cinematic approach that makes full use of astounding footage, much of which is drawn from F1 archives and previously unseen. Follow SENNAMovie on Facebook and Twitter for more.

Here's the gripping trailer. 

And for even more Ayrton Senna coverage, here are a few more documentaries.

 And another documentary, this one in several parts on youtube and made shortly after his death.