FOR SALE: Abandoned BMW Dealership in Oakville.

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When we wrote about the abandoned BMW dealership back in August, we posed numerous questions and even after the entire world picked up on the story, none of us received any answers. When we finally managed to get one-on-one time with the owner he flat out refused to answer any of our questions. Yet this week, the place was put up for sale by Indusite Realty Corp. An interesting turn of events in which the owner is likely hoping to ride his newfound exposure to the top of sugar mountain. The place is reportedly listed for 3.6 million dollars, a number reportedly considered on the high side by people in the industry.

What makes this abandoned dealership particularly interesting is that there are two hidden sections. The first hidden section is an underground garage that sits right underneath the showroom and could hold anything from cobwebs to pristine 1980’s BMW’s with only delivery miles. We dream of an untouched M1 but we’d happily settle for an unused 1988 325i Convertible. The second hidden section is the workshop near the back, which in 2005 had its windows covered up. The most recent pictures that date back over six years showed many more late 1980’s 7, 6, and 3 Series models in immaculate condition.

At the end of the day, we hope someone has the audacity to make a competitive offer on the place including all of its contents, and then offer us a tour of the basement and shop. Even though it’s completely out of our hands, we secretly wish for someone to restore it to its previous glory and create a Bimmer enthusiast sanctuary for meet-ups and car shows. Now the only questions remains is one of value. Is $3.6 million a ‘hype-inflated’ price, or is it absolutely worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

Quick recap: The BMW dealership sits frozen in time since 1988, when the owner apparently had his dealership license taken away by BMW Canada. The place then changed its name to Citation Motors but shortly after closed up shop. Today, two 1988 BMW’s, a 635csi and an E28 still sit in the showroom. Time likely took its toll on the rubbery bits, fuel tank, and mechanical parts which means they aren’t in mint condition. Recently spotted sitting outside the dealership are an E39 Touring with mismatched wheels and an E28 535i with 735,503 kilometres on the teller. The owner drives a well maintained 1980’s light blue 733i and prefers to be left alone rather than answer any questions about the property. Adding to the mystique are the well kept gardens and the clean windows. The owner occasionally will pop in to spend some time in the back shop and employs someone to come in every so often to clean the windows and maintain the gardens. As of September 2011, there was a front gate installed to prevent any unwanted cars from entering the property.

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