Pure Driving: Patrick Depailler in the Rain.

Patrick spends more time steering his car the wrong way than around the track as he wrestles his 1,275 pound 485 horsepower F1 car through the rain. The track in question laps an island in Montreal better known as Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. While the amount of steering inputs and the quickness of Patrick's reaction time is awe-inspiring, let's watch the video again and focus on something different this time. The way in which he full throttles it between turns knowing full well that there's puddles awaiting his stick shift F1 car is borderline suicidal. It's that kind of confidence, turning a blind eye to common sense that won championships. Unfortunately however, Patrick was killed testing an Alfa Romeo at Hockenheim two years later. But in Patrick's honour, let's watch this video in good spirits and appreciate the skill that goes in to getting an F1 car around a wet track.

I think I just heard Senna whisper: "Now that's pure driving, real racing. That makes me happy."