Harry Metcalfe's EVO Diaries.

Harry Metcalfe is EVO magazine's managing director, editorial director, and founder. Lately he's been trotting about making epic videos as part of "EVO Diaries" and "Harry's Garage" series. Over the years we've featured two of his videos on Alexotics. Harry takes Nick Mason's Ferrari Enzo from England to the South of France in one day here, and Harry drives his rare Ferrari 550 Barchetta in the Mille Miglia 2011 here

Both videos will have the charismatic and completely unpretentious Metcalfe take you for a motoring journey that you'll struggle to ever forget. If you have the time, we highly suggest you Youtube "Evo Diaries" and watch the exclusive tours of the Pagani, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, and Maserati factories, and oggle the many many interesting supercars hidden deep inside Harry's garage. To get you started off, here's one of our personal favorites, Harry picking up his Pagani Zonda C12S from the factory after a 60k service and then driving to Sardinia for a Zonda meet up and an exclusive drive in the Huayra. Frankly, the things Harry has managed to document just this past summer has left us all a bit quiet.