Liberty Walk: The Purest Passion.

Liberty Walk is a Japanese tuning shop that specializes mainly in heavily modifying Lamborghinis. Definitely not everyone's taste yet for some reason highly admirable in (only) Japan. The owner, Wataru Kato owned a Ferrari F40 LM, several bikes, and more tuned Japanese cars than you could squeeze into a Gran Turismo 5 game. Enjoy the emotionally charged video produced by Luke Huxham, who also shot the now infamous Rauh-Welt Begriff series.

At the end of the day Jalopnik's editor, Patrick Frawley, said it best: "Kato-san understands: It's not so much what you can buy, it's where your heart is." Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to scavenge craigslist, kijiji, autotrader, and ebay for another E30.