Peter Saywell's Supercar Collection.

Five years ago Fifth Gear treated viewers around the world to a very memorable 5 minute bit of television. What started of as a review of the Koenigsegg CCR turned in to an exclusive visit to one of the world's most impressive supercar collections that featured not one, but two Koenigseggs. Mind you, this is 2005 and those Swedish supercars were still a bit iffy and extraordinary expensive. Today Peter has opened his garage doors to the public yet again and while we expect the same Ferraris, Zondas, Porsches, and Koenigseggs as before, it looks like he's updated nearly every single one. There are no words.

Peter Saywell owns Saywell International, an aviation parts manufacturer, which he founded sixty years ago back when he enjoyed virtually no competition. The first supercar he owned was the DeTomaso Pantera, which he bought on the same day as the Lamborghini Countach. A bit of an impulse buy I guess. Since then he's collected supercars and hypercars like others collect paintings, or DVDs, or pennies,... Here's the now 5 year old 5th Gear video taking us for a tour of Peter's garage.

From what I can tell he's only held on to about a handful of cars: the Ferrari F40, Ford GT, Porsche Carrera GT, Detomaso Pantera, and one of his favorites, his Mercedes CLK-DTM. What's interesting is that he's upgraded from a yellow Murcielago to a LP670-4 SV and now to his current Aventador. He's also sold his two Koenigseggs to make room for the Agera, the Bentley Continental GT has now morphed in to a Supersports, and gone is his Zonda F Roadster to make room for his one-off Pagani Zonda PS which of course stands for 'Peter Saywell.'

Mr. Saywell is an avid believer in local charities. Throughout the year he'll allow other people to enjoy his supercars and he'll also host various charity supercar events at his local track, none other than Goodwood, host of the unparaleled Goodwood Festival of Speed, Revival, and Breakfast Club.