Bentley Effortless Atmosphere.

Parked in front of Rome's top hotel stood this special edition British plated Bentley Azure T. The kind of Bentley that raises it's chin to the common Continental GTs strewn about any modern affluent metropolitan area. It stands as the pinnacle of the legendary Arnage line exclusively bough by old money in search of sheer quality of life. It's wildly, stupendously expensive, yet 14 have been photographed around the world since its launch in 2010. For $400,000 you get many meters of yachting luxury and loads of subdued, outdated, 6.75 litre Bentley noises. A triumphant engine that'll waft with the best while happily out drinking anything this side of a Veyron Super Sport at the pumps. I've never seen this bella macchina photographed more beautifully than it has been today by carspotter Thomas Groenhuijzen at what looks like Rome's Piazza del Popolo. Adding to the atmosphere is the straight out of Ocean's Eleven baddies with shades and a three day scruff foreshadowing more rampage than a Tarentino screenplay.