A Man Can Dream...

Once in a while I like to de-stress by leaning back, kicking my legs up, and thinking of which cars I'd park in my fantasy garage. To make things somewhat realistic I like to picture myself in a quasi-wealthy income bracket with enough money for nice cars, but working hard enough for the money to make only well thought out decisions.

My semi-realistic fantasy garage has only 4 spots. Enough room for a daily driver, a Sunday car, a wife's car, and a classic car. The easiest to choose, today, is my Sunday driver. It's a car I've loved since that one unforgettable day in June, 2009. I was copiloting an Orange Porsche 997 GT3 RS through some of Vancouver's most beautiful roads as part of a Gran Turismo event. From all the things right with the RS, the amount of mechanical noise and the perfectly savage gearbox is what forever stayed engrained in my mind. My next experience in a GT3 was in Bedford, England, racing a 996 Cup Car. Two unforgettable experiences that have me craving my very own 997 GT3. The most focused of reasonably priced street legal cars. More specifically, I'd pick a used, first generation, 997 GT3 in black or red.

The second easiest choice is my classic car. A mint '90 325i Convertible, preferably in dark blue with a beige interior, stick shift, factory Recaro seats, and the optional BBS wheels. An E30 M3 Convertible would be even more desirable, but it's my fantasy and I'm feeling rational, so an M3 'Vert may just be too much of the good stuff. The Bimmer convertible would be respected and driven only on sunny days. I hope to one day live in a place so warm and safe that I'll never have to put the roof up. Whether parked in front of my house or running errands in town, being able to leave the top down at all times encapsulated a 'joie de vivre' that I hope to one day live.

Next up is the family runabout. The car I drive during the winter months when my desire to be comfortable trumps my car enthusiast's desire for exhaust noises and a harsh ride. While tourings and luxury sedans provide ample room and comfort, I've grown to like SUVs not for their false sense of increased safety or drive-ability in winter time, but simply for their air suspensions and their tall ride height. Range Rovers do it best, and I know, since I've driven through Europe on many occasions in different Range Rovers, but lately I've come to love the BMW X5. While Range Rovers are excquisite, there's no Dynamic Handling Package that could save them from feeling less tactile than a BMW X5. I'd opt for the 4.4 litre xDrive50i in Deep Sea Blue, a thunderous engine and an epically pretty colour. I'd also like comfort access, a panoramic sunroof, sport line, and the optional Performance wheels like you see pictured off to the side. It's as far as I know the perfect runabout.

Last to be decided on is the wife's car. Wishful thinking means she'll prefer a sexy convertible to a Toyota Prius, so I've narrowed it down to the following. An Aston Martin DBS Volante, a Jaguar XKR Convertible, Ferrari 355 Spider, or equally amazing sounding BMW 335is Convertible. The Aston is actually way too expensive, the Fezza too expensive to maintain (engine out service), and the Jag too showy. So that leaves the special edition 355is with the old N54 twin turbo 300 horsepower engine. I've experienced three of these special BMWs so far, and every time I do it ticks off a few more 'greatest ever' boxes. Its exhaust sound, engine, interior trim, M steering wheel, and 19 inch wheels are some of its phenomenal, untouchable, features. And that's more than enough to land itself a spot in my fantasy garage.

But do away with all the rational consumerism and the four spots will be filled with four entire different cars. How does a 1972 Ferrari 365 Daytona Competizione, Ferrari 599 GTO, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, and Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster sound? Or at the very least that previously mentioned 997 MkI GT3 would become an MkII GT3 RS.