Viva 458 Italia!

Words cannot begin to describe how infatuated I find myself to be with the Ferrari 458 Italia. It's a funny one, this one, since I'm not blindly in love. I understand that the steering wheel is a bit busy, and yes, the entire user interface is complete nonsense, yes it costs twice as much as it should, yes it spontaneously combusts, and YES the wiper blades are rubbish. And why stop there? Hell, I would probably feel completely bored behind its computerized gearbox once the blippety-brappity fun wears off. It isn't a perfect car, I know that, and I haven't even driven one.

But just look at it. In my opinion this is the greatest coming together of sweeps and lines on a car since never. Not an E-Type Mark I crashed sideways into an Aston Martin DB5 would match the sheer thrill and excitement that oozes from this car.

It also has more horses (562) than you'll ever need, it's also neater package than the FF brute or larger F12, it's only a fraction of a second slower around Fiorano than the godsend Enzo, it has revolutionary brakes that pre-load when you lift off, it is the most beautiful something I have ever seen at 3/4 front view, and its F40 homage triple exhausts sound so deeply aggressive that its sound will stay with you as if it was your best child hood memory. And don't even think about the less good looking Spyder, it's awesome, but the less showy and sleeker Coupe is the one to go for.

I've had the pleasure of taking in the sights and sounds of numerous 458s and from the stunning TDF blue one that went flat-out uphill past me last summer to the Rosso Mugello two-tone 458 Tiff Needell drifts around on Fifth Gear, every single interaction with the Italia has left me wanting one. Wanting one more than any other car I've ever lusted after. This means I'd rather have a Ferrari 458 than a, here goes,  Porsche 997 GT3 RS (for the simple mechanics, ultimate responsiveness, and hard manual labour), Lamborghini LP670-4 SV (for the theater, flaws, and POWERRR), BMW 1M Coupe (for the 50/50 balance, flickability, and usability), or Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster (for the art, rarity, and absurdity).

Unfortunately however, no matter what you say about the 458 you've just purchased, there will always be an elephant in the room. Let's call it the Challenge Stradale Elephant Scuderia. We all know it's coming, and we all know it'll make the 458 Italia look as soft as baby powder. And that makes me sad.

Nevertheless, here's how I'd have my 458. Rosso Mugello with a black roof, dark grey wheels, and a dark beige interior. Enjoy the extreme Fifth Gear review below (skip to 1:40), and for more epic 458 action click here, here, and here.