2013 Trend Prediction: Brown Cars!

From wheels matched to exterior paint to wheels that spun at standstill, from all white to murdered out, and from matte anything to blinding chrome, in the past ten years we've watched rappers and celebrities do horrible horrible things to expensive cars.

Next to fashion, I'd be willing to bet that car customization is the runner-up most perpetually changing industry in terms of 'what's hot right now.' In terms of colors, white is completely played out, chrome plated wraps have only touched a sole Aventador and Fisker Karma, and it seems like slathering supercars with acres of reflection absorbing matte wrap is slowly coming to an end as well. And that's a great thing, because I can literally name only a handful of cars that looked better in matte. Larger supercars with razor sharp edges sometimes look good in it, like a Lamborghini Reventon or a Ford GT, but that's about it.

So what's next? Well, let me tell you. Brown. If you're not convinced that brown is indeed a desirable color, then allow me to produce some exhibits of cars so iconic they need no introduction.

While brown may seem like an off-putting color at first, some of life's greater indulgences are in fact brown. Think rich Belgian chocolate and a freshly roasted cup of Columbian coffee. Picture yourself in your living room, with your dark brown Lab resting on an age old Chesterfield couch in front of a fully stocked mahogany library, and your holding a smoldering Cohiba Robusto in one hand and twirl a class of 30 year old Cognac in the other, you've got nothing to do until you're called for supper and you're in heaven.

So on the right car and with the right mindset, brown can be cool. It's both mysterious and sophisticated, while if you decide to go for it on your next car purchase, the air of "je m'en fous" will have your neigbours thinking your're cooler than ice - ice cold. Now let's take a look at which brands have caught on.

My favorite colours are still Lamborghini's Monterey Blue, BMW's Silverstone, and Ferrari's Abu Dhabi Blue, but all of a sudden that Sepang Bronze M6 Convertible I saw for sale has become a whole lot more desirable.