The Billionaire Shop.

Yesterday I stumbled across a website called 'The Billionaire Shop.' It's unique in the sense that it allows you to purchase a helicopter, private jet, mega yacht, or Bugatti using only a laptop and a credit card. It's called "the final destination for winner" and seems to be aimed towards the insta-rich. In other words, people who won the lottery or received a massive inheritance and are actively in search of quick and easy ways to impulsively spend their not-so-hard earned dollars.

Unfortunately, the site isn't quite as all encompassing as I'd hoped. Only featuring a select few products, I quickly began to wonder whether I should just go down to my local Bugatti dealership, point at a Veyron, and go "that one." That doesn't seem like that much trouble right? What I did find very interesting is what the Billionaire Shop owner perceives as 'cars suited for the ultra-rich.' Take SUV's for example. Every billionaire needs one, but which ones are deemed fit for the ultra rich? Apparently only a trusty blinged out Range Rover or a Turbo S Cayenne will do the trick. There's no mention of a PPI Audi Q7, Lumma BMW X5, or bulletproof Dartz. Interesting.

When it comes to supercars the selection is both vast and limited. Yes, many brands are represented, but I'm really not interested in purchasing an off-the rack Koenigsegg. I'd like to meet Christian Von Koenigsegg, I'd like to see the ex-airforce base where my hyper car will be built, and I most definitely want to spec one out that will be completely unique. Anyways, I had my 2 minutes of fun, on to the next ridiculous web based startup idea.