Vancouver's Italian Car Show - Father's Day Edition.

Each year the town of North Vancouver organizes an Italian (and French) car show on Father's Day. It's been a tradition for quite some time that in recent years has faced some stiff competition from other local Father's Day car shows like the Dunderave Porsche Show and Ride. Nevertheless, I decided to attend the former, and here's what I was treated to...

Club Trofeo, a local invite-only supercar club, teamed up with Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver for a  corporate event on Sunday afternoon. The result? About 30 Ferraris crashing the party. 

 A Gran Turismo MC with subtle enhancements flanked by a one-off 458 Italia. 

The people who stuck around until the afternoon were rewarded with not one, but six 458 Italias!

Don't anger the Maserati. It'll bite. Seriously.  

In my opinion, the most tastefully configured 458 of the lot. Obviously not this man's first Fezza. 

An all around great athmosphere. And I haven't even gotten to the French and vintage Italians! 

Bite the back of your hand type stuff. Honestly. Click here to see more of this infamous 458. 

Because of some trick editing, I think I've managed to make this picture look quite old. I like to image it could of been taken when this Challenge Stradale debuted on the market back in 2003. 

There seems to be a healthy bit of rivalry cooking up between Lamborghini and Ferrari in Vancouver. Cars and owners stayed well seperated. I will therefore follow suit. Introducing, after the Fezzas, the LAMBORRRRGHINIS from Sant'Agata! 

Low slung and out to get you. I'm falling in love with first gen Murcielagos all over again. If it weren't for the outdated chassis and the price, I'd totally buy one. 


Lamborghini of Vancouver's dealer principal told me that this puppy retailed for 510k when new. It's a 2013 model with lots of (tough to install) DMC carbon fibre bits. If you're interested, it's currently for sale (I think) 350k as the owner went ahead and ordered a matte white Roadster. Colour me jelly. 

I would never dared to order the Superleggera in this off-gold, but it was absolutely stunning in person. Word on the street is that the owner also owns a Countach and Diablo. 

One-off Lotus chassis with Alfa Romeo GTV-4 engine, wheels, and badging. Very interesting and very friendly owner. Should be great fun when on those days where it decides to start. 

Old, and so very French. I actually grew up a block away from a Citroen DS hoarder. Love these. 

Then all of a sudden this ex-rally driver showed up with his Lancia and basically stole all the attention from the supercars. Livery was added on afterwards and the rest is stock. Very limited and very cool. 

But let's keep it French - and weird - with an array of dingy imported Deux Cheveaux 'duckies.'

And this 1988 Citroen CX's funky interior. Gotta love the plasticky 80s. 

Then for a split second I thought the legendary 250 GTO Bread Van had teleported itself from Europe. Unfortunately that wasn't the case as upon closer inspection it just appeared to be a ridiculously gorgeous Alfa. 

We'll cap off the picture party with some 80s Ferrari switchgear and an open gated, proper, manual gearbox.