Craigslist Bait - What Should I Buy Next?

Last week I sold my trusty DD, a 2007 VW GTI (to a KIA dealership!? but that's a story for later), which means I have to either keep my fingers crossed all winter long as I mozie my vintage Bimmer to work and back, or throw some cash at something fun on Craigslist. The latter being the most likely scenario as I'm looking to keep my fairly mint 325is Coupe in tact. This means not taking it on daily post-workday tears through evening big city traffic. So here's what I've come up with so far:
14k 4.8is. Similar price to the first maintenance bill I'm sure.
Overpriced but damn nice 330i for 13k. Automagic box may just be acceptable.
6k E36 M3 bargain (scary good price)
Even better A-Team GMC G Series for 3.5k. I've never even been in one of these, I'd be tempted to buy one just because of the mystique.
1969 Chevelle in decent shape for 8.5k?! Give her a factory correct respray and she's worth double.
Styling in a '63 Galaxie Vert. I'd have to grow a beard and go throwback hipster. That or pick up a copy of Still D.R.E. on cassette.
2k for a sidestep '81 F150? John Player F1 pinstripes and everything?
So that went from semi nice to pieces of junk quickly, but what can I say, I like all cars. So to redeem myself, I'll just get the local E30 M3 for sale. 
Unfortunately the dealership (which is a few hours away from me and across the border) hasn't been returning calls or emails. Priced at 24k, I'm sure their inbox is quite full. 
Two other cars I'm considering that I haven't included are a 6-speed 135iM Coupe and an 2006 997 (S) Coupe. However those have some (even) further depreciating to do before I'd pick one up. There was also a 2003 A4 Avant 3.2 with a stick for sale nearby but it has just sold. Too bad so sad. So in the meantime, I'll keep on cruising the Craig.