Stop Traffic. Alpina Just Released the M4 Killer.

300+ km/h. 600+ torques. And gorgeous. Yowza.

I like Alpinas. Ever since my uncle owned an E60 B5, I've bought in to the high torque high top speed but low drama and low (patented) fuel consumption story that Alpina seems to be all about. The company seems to be fascinated with adding both more wolf and more sheep to M cars, and that's all right with me.

The added details such as those glorious Alpina wheels, the pinstripe, the inscription in the front diffusor and the many interior inlays just add to the specialness that is an original A-Bimmer. At the end of the day I believe they make for a more compelling, and definitely more usable, less frustrating on those rainy, gridlock, or stressed out days than BMW M products. Having said that, here's what M4 owners will be staring at on the Autobahn:

Then there's the fact that Alpinas generally make great collector items. And that they usually depreciate at eye watering speeds before appreciating again. Really the only grief I have with the B4 is completely unrelated to Alpina. It's that damn interior. It works well, but it feels and looks cheap. And even the Alpina interior treatment couldn't fix it. In fact, I think they've made it worse. Still though, it's unfortunately that most Alpina tickled BMWs don't make it across to the Americas.