Private Jets, Champagne and Supercars.

Believe me when I tell you that I don't want to call it a secret event. But honest to God, the night did not have a title or a theme. Even some of the vendors had no idea what the purpose of the night was. In short, it was a collection of luxury items spaced out in a private jet hangar on the south side of Vancouver airport, YVR. There was a 14 karat gold plated piano, a $300,000 Ulysse Nardin Tourbillon, amongst others, a #1/11 Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir formerly owned by Drake and for sale for a clean $1.85 million, two private jets and a private helicopter, a developer selling 1-bed apartments for $1.2 million dollars, and a Veuve Cliquot Champagne bar. There may have also been a peacock. 

I think the point of the night was for each vendor to invite the top 5% of their client list to this event, and each vendor would share the costs of the event, while hoping to generate some serious lead synergy. Surprisingly, there weren't that many people invited, and the atmosphere was thick with money. The cars, under which the only demo Huracan Lamborghini in North America, and a yellow Aventador were left unlocked, for people to play in, and the private jets were open for people to climb into and ask the pilots questions. It was like that episode in the Simpsons where Bart uses the city's key to gain access to the toy store and him and Milhouse mess about. It was like that, but with endless champagne brought in from Reims, France. 

So how does someone like myself find his way inside this convention millionaires and billionaires. Well, I happen to have a friend who was a vendor, and who told me to bring my DSLR and help him take some pictures. Simple as that. And for that, I thank him. Thanks Jack!

So another thing I learned on Tuesday night, was that private jets can make financial sense when you use this company called London Air. They're the kind of company that you can just ring up, without having to be a member, and ask if they could scramble a LIR jet and point it to New York. A round trip will cost you about $23,000 and you'll be able to invite yourself +7. You can even make it 9 total if one of your friends doesn't mind sitting on the toilet all flight. And while $23,000 sounds like a lot, it really isn't when you consider that a commercial airline business class ticket to the Big Apple will run you well over $2,000 per person. When you factor in the time you save by flying private (no check-in, no security lines, no customs clearing when you land since the agent comes into the plane to clear you, and no rental car lottery) it kind of begins to make sense. That's if you're allergic to economy class.

Yours truly, on the left, talking to Lamborghini Vancouver
A gold plated piano. It sounded err… expensive.
All pilots were in attendance to answer questions as you climbed on board. Neat. 
That's me again, to the left of the Aventador explaining to the lovely ladies that my car is also yellow. 
Leaving in style. Gave it the beans right after I snapped this.