Recap: Vancouver Luxury Supercar Weekend

"Luxury and Supercar weekend is Canada's finest luxury event showcasing the crème de la crème of automotive, fashion, art, food, wine and spirits." This is what they claim. In reality, it is a little light on the art and culinary delights, and heavy on the "OH MY GOD is that a Pagani Huayra parked next to a McLaren P1!?!?" In short, the Vancouver LSW is automotive Nirvana. Entering its fifth year, the weekend is a peaceful clash of old money that bring their treasured vintage automobiles, new money who come to show off their newest set of wheels on their Lamborghini or McLaren, and broke automotive enthusiasts, standing in front of the gates and debating whether the $100 ticket to enter the VanDusen Gardens will be worth it. 

Let me tell the people I resonate most with one thing: "Oh it's worth it." I was lucky enough to score some VIP tickets from a good friend that got me in late on Sunday to catch the tail end of happy hour and the front end of the hypercars firing up and leaving the gardens. What a spectacle. I'll stop talking now, and let you, my fearless readers, feast your eyes on what can only be described as Monte-Carlo, Irvine Cars & Coffee, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Pebble Beach, and Rodeo Drive coming together in one epic display of wealth. Not pictures is the priceless vintage Alfa Romeo 8C and the Porsche 917 Le Mans racer. See you there next year!