Saturday Afternoon Inspiration

I've spent a part of my Saturday in the office in an attempt to both wrap up he tail end of a hectic last few days and get a head start on what I was warned will be a crazy week. Given that it's a September stunner outside with sunshine, blue skies and 20 degrees, I'm naturally not thrilled to be in the office - but so goes it. I opened up for a quick distraction and low and behold, a Ferrari 458 Italia greeted me. See, I've never looked at cars as a means of inspiration, I usually look at them because I find them exciting, interesting and quite beautiful in some cases. But today I looked at this 458 and thought: "I want one." Which is odd, because as much as I like the Italia, there are tens if not hundreds of other cars I enjoy even more so. But today, something struck me, perhaps it's a product of maturing and being in the habit of setting goals and trying to find motivation and meaning in every little corner of my life, but today was the day that I told myself that "damnit, I'm going to buy this 458, and it'll be this exact spec." It will take time, but I'm  motivated to take a path that's as short as possible, within the rules of the law, that will get me in that seat of that stunning 458.