Ultimate Modesty: A Fin Without a Wing

I'm having trouble deciding whether this 991 GT3 without a rear wing is an excersice in ultimate modesty; creating a sleeper 911 that'll surprise the pants off of any Carrera S owner, OR you're more technically minded and you're wondering why in the world someone would go ahead and revert years of Porsche Motorsport engineering by surely making the GT3 the least planted GT3 at speed. Whatever your take on this, I think this GT3, which was spotted leaving the ferry from Denmark into Finland, and then registered in Oslo a few days later, is one classy car. 
A classy Fin in a classy car. 

 BONUS: Because I love the look of the 991 GT3 I've thrown in a few more GT3s spotted around the world courtesy of our friends at Autogespot.  I actually haven't had the pleasure of driving one of these new GT3s. I hope to do so soon, as I'm looking forward to feeling out the tickled PDK and extra-weighted electronic steering for myself. If it drives half as good as it looks then I think we have another classic on our hands. The fact that GT3s have always been priced so low, never depreciate much beyond the initial 25%, and have years and years of research devoted to them, make them the best sportscar buy in my book. Whichever way you slice it, having learned from history, picking up one of these with 10,000 kms on the dial at the $110,000 price point in a few years is an absolute genius move. 

For reference, here's what a stock 991's butt looks like. 
And here's yet another stock 991. Couldn't resist throwing these pics in. Probably need a NSFW tag.