Euroweaves on the E30 Convertible

This is my 1991 318i convertible or "cabrio" as they called it in the brochure. I bought it this fall and plan on enjoying it thoroughly in the spring. In the meantime I've taken a stab at making that rare Mauritius Blue paint shine like new (thanks to my friend Matt!), and so far so good. In the spring she'll get some cut wax treatment and hopefully a new trunk lid. This will address both the small dent in the trunk and the ungainly looking 3rd brake light. I'm especially happy with my purchase because I found what I believe is the ultimate E30 convertible colour combo. Dark blue on beige - and of course, with a stick in the middle.
The perfect E30, yesterday.
My only regret is it not being the straight six which purrs just that much nicer at low speeds. But at least the 1991 model year received the next generation 4-banger which is kind of a nice consolation prize. The roof is new and the perforated leather is in fantastic condition. Last weekend everything kind of came together (thanks to my friends Jordan and Ben!) and I was able to mount the original 4-bolt Euroweave wheels that I purchased off a fellow Bimmer enthusiast here in Vancouver. What's key here is that the tires have a reinforced and flat side walls which perfects the square Euroweave and E30 look. These tires are becoming more and more difficult to find so I have to tread lightly on the noisy pedal.

Talk about ageing gracefully. 1991 means it's 92 years old in car years. 

It's been a dream of mine to own a dark blue on beige 5-speed E30 with the proper 15-inch BBS wheels since this is (leave for the fog lights, 4-cylinder, and North American bumpers) the exact E30 I grew up in back in Europe. All this nostalgia means that it's just become even more difficult to decide which one of my cars to let go next in order to make room to bring yet another dream to fruition.