Yellowbird on PCH

Reminiscing on an unforgettable trip to California in the Yellowbird. This particular shot was taken a few hundred meters off the legendary Pacific Coast Highway which took us from San Fransisco through the Monterrey Peninsula and over the course of several majestic days, to Malibu and into Los Angeles via Santa Monica. Looking at this shot has me grabbing for keys to the 911 to go for a midnight blast. But alas, I live in Vancouver and it's mid-November. 

The Yellowbird is tucked away in an insulated underground garage underneath a snug cover with a full tank of zero ethanol 94 octane. Luckily I have a duo of E30s ('87 325is Coupe and a '91 Cabrio) to keep me entertained, leave for the flat six sound from the rear persuading you to push the noisy pedal all the way to Nevada. Looking at the shot down below confirms my long term beliefs that San Francisco is simply Vancouver turned to 11. But enough of this. Let's go for a steer.