The Story of a Canadian 20-Year-Old and His Hyper Car Collection

(Disclosure: This post originally appeared on Jalopnik and reached 241,36 views and received 915 comments. The individual in question then kindly requested that the post be taken down, but as a car enthusiast himself, agreed to preserve the original article on my blog.)

And no, this isn't about the Biebs. So here's the story of a young guy named 'M' who lives in Canada with a passion for fast cars and access to a limitless spending account. He's an all around nice guy, and recently he's become quite open with his car collection and identity. But in the spirit of respecting his privacy and keeping this car-focused, I'll stop short of mentioning his full name, address, or much more interestingly, how his family has amassed its fortune. I can't control the internet, but I can at least do my part. I first heard of 'M' in 2009. A guy had pulled up to rugby practice in a grey Aston Martin DB9 Coupe. Not a rare sight on a campus littered with Lamborghini Gallardos and BMW M3s, but definitely a rare sight near the ratty rugby club house. As practice ended I introduced myself to my new team mate and expressed my admiration for his classy front-engined V12 ride. "Oh the DB9?" he asked rhetorically, "that's my friends. He let me have it for a little while - he just has so many cars...." Gulp. Ok. Sweet man. That's awesome. Catch you later!

Turns out this 'friend' was 'M', who at the time had swapped his DB9 for a white Ferrari F430 Scuderia - a car I once had the pleasure of hearing roar by in traffic. What a thing. It was at this point in time that 'M' developed a bit of a parking issue at his home. You see, he began collecting so many cars that he was forced to leave cars outside of the property. But once I had figured out where 'M' lived, I was treated to an ever revolving show of the latest and greatest super cars just left parked along the curb next to his family's home. From an exceptionally rare Audi R8 GT Spyder, to a tuned matte black Lamborghini Aventador with a ski box (the second ski box Aventador in the area, believe it or not) and a Ferrari FF (his winter beater), to some pimped out heavy hitters like the first Canadian Lumma CLR R Range Rover and a Brabus G Wagon, both pictured below.

As time went by, 'M' developed a taste for the next level - he decided it was time to go hyper. Perhaps the Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8, Ferrari California, Ferrari FF, and smattering of other super cars wasn't special enough. Or perhaps they weren't fast enough. But one thing's for sure, things definitely little more serious from this point forward.The result is the first delivered to Canada, McLaren P1. Pretty special, if you ask me.

And now the word is out. 'M' is about to take delivery of one of the very last Bugatti Veyrons ever made. It's a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse, which means it'll be a 1200 hp convertible. But there's a problem. There already are a handful of Veyrons in town. So in order to distinguish it he's decided to go for the bare carbon look. And while looks are subjective, I think we can all get pretty excited about this one. And I'm excited to see which super car the Veyron will push out of the garage, and on to the street to face the relatively cold Canadian elements. If anyone's interested, most of the above pictures are taken by Marcel Lech (who recently captured this) and the tuning work is performed by SR Auto.

Side note: Given similar access to funds as 'M' and keeping in mind where he lives (Canada), would you have spent you have spent your money on cars any differently? If you want my opinion, I would have at least opted for the best driver's car money can buy (Porsche GT3 RS 4.0), a vintage Alfa and some Group B rally monsters.